Sunday, March 25, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Momento

“Major Knight was on duty?” A scowl planted itself firmly on Chloe’s face. She knew the Major well; he’d been a friend of her father’s and checked up on her regularly after he died. The Major had attended her graduation from the academy and was intimately aware of every major event that happened in her life. They weren’t related but they were as close to family as two people could get. He was all she had left in the world. Unconsciously she put a hand to her neck and felt for the silver locket hidden beneath her uniform, a present from Sebastian.

Fear was taking hold and in attempt to gain back control Chloe unleashed a barrage of questions at the still frightened Lieutenant. “Why would he leave his post? Who did he assign as acting command? Its seven o’clock in the morning Lieutenant, he’s been missing for hours. Why didn’t someone have the intelligence to come and get me? And why the hell is it so damn cold in here?”

“Colonel.” Lance Storm gave her a knowing look and placed a reassuring hand on Chloe’s upper arm. “The temperature of the bio dome dropped rapidly in the early hours. Major Knight assumed that the life support module was experiencing technical difficulties and sent a team of engineers. They found no problems with the module itself and left the bio dome to check on the exterior generators. When they didn’t report in, Major Knight took a three man recognizance team to scout the situation. He ordered me not to leave central command and to refrain from notifying you until a serious threat could be confirmed.

“Damn that old man, one day he’s going to get himself killed.” Chloe said under her breath.

Lance’s eyes widened “Excuse me, Colonel?”

“Shut it Storm. Send one of the junior recruits to wake up Major Darke. Gabriella will take over Central Command. Then go get your gear, were going hunting!”

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