Sunday, March 25, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Unforgiven (Prose)

Major Gabriella Darke appeared on deck and was a sight to behold. She was much older than Chloe, her graying hair was done up in a tight bun and her wizened face was etched with wrinkles. But it was her conduct, not her age that dictated the respect she received from the crew. Today she was all business and none too happy at being rousted from her bunk after pulling third detail in the armory. She’d wanted to choke the life out of the skittish junior recruit that insisted on waking her, and then mumbling incoherently when she finally opened the door. Of course she hadn’t yet, there was no time, but the future was certain to be full of possibilities.

“Colonel.” She said as she gave a crisp salute and stood at attention waiting for Chloe’s instructions.

“Major we have a situation. Major Knight abandoned his post two hours ago to investigate a possible threat and has yet to return. His whereabouts are of the utmost importance. A team is being sent to his last known location, the surface backup generators. Lieutenant Storm, Lieutenant Queste, and Private Orion will join me on this mission. You will remain within the confines of the bio dome as acting command.”

“Yes, Ma’am”, Major Darke was not thrilled with her new assignment, she longed for her sleep but she was a career officer and duty would always win out over preference.

Chloe turns to a young officer to her right. “Lieutenant Rivers, Fill the Major in on what we know so far.”

“Ma’ am, yes Ma’ am” Lieutenant Rivers handed Major Darke a red file containing print outs of the last transmissions from Major Knight and his team.

Lieutenant Storm was looking expectantly at Chloe. “Let’s move.” was all she said as she turned away from the still conversing Major Darke and Lieutenant Rivers, left central command and headed to the surface lifts.

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