Friday, March 30, 2012

DWP - Prompt : From Dusk Till Dawn (From 3/25/12)

Chloe radioed in to central command, “Reached the backup generators, under attack, three men down. Send an assault team with a medic. Do you read?”

Chloe tried to send the message multiple times and received no response. The snow had begun to fall harder and was blocking the transmission, deflecting the signal away, out of reach of the bio dome. She handed the radio to Private Orion, “Keep trying.” she said.

With help from Lieutenant Storm she moved the fallen men closer to the still burning generators. It was dangerous but they needed warmth or they would soon suffer from hypothermia as well as their injuries.

The yeti circled the area. Lieutenant Queste noticed the fire was acting as a natural deterrent and was most likely the only thing that kept the yeti at bay. They would have to keep the generator burning to have any hope of staying alive until morning.

“Colonel how many flares do you have?”

“Flares? We’re carrying the standard gear, two per pack. But we can’t reach central command; no one is out here looking for us. What are you thinking soldier?”

The few times the yeti dared come close, Chloe’s team laid down a barrage of gun fire. The yeti howled in frustration, but easily hid itself among the snow banks surrounding the generators.

Once the fire died down they used the flares to blow the second generator. It was risky but they couldn’t think of any other available options so they had all agreed to the plan. Each secretly hoping the yeti would soon abandon his attempts at reaching them.

Dawn brought with it solar heat, the snow had ceased to fall and Private Orion tried the radio again, “Roger that, Private Orion the voice of Major Darke, boomed over the waves. A strike team will reach you by 0800, hunker down and report the details of the attackers, let me know what you need son.”

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