Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Blend - DWP From 5-21-12

Resting in my shopping cart, it lay carefully placed upon a week’s worth groceries. I wheeled the cart to checkout and placed the beloved carton on the rotating belt.  The cashier grabbed it unceremoniously and dropped it into a plastic bag. I cringed hearing the loud thunk and watched as the container flopped over on its side.  With the cart reloaded, I wheeled it out to the SUV and loaded my packages into the trunk.  A wide variety of lunches, dinners and snacks, slid back and forth as I made the ten mile trip down the bumpy lime-rock roads toward home.  Finally, arriving at my destination, I hurriedly put the frozen food and cold items into the fridge and left the rest upon the table to deal with later.  Lost Girl was due to come on the television in less than five minutes.  I took a spoon from the drawer and carried the bag containing my favored snack over to the recliner, plopping down into its cozy interior.   Pulling the lid from my coveted container, I delved into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s; a perfect blend of cherry ice cream, cherry pieces and chocolate fudge.  Cherry Garcia always makes for a blissful “Midnight Getaway.”

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