Friday, May 25, 2012

Cursed - DWP From 5-24-12

On a white pillow made from the finest silk lay the blood red stone of the House of Celine Demure.
Examining the ruby through its plexi-glass containment I watched as its many facets reflected the florescent lighting that shined from above.  The cut was exquisite and the clarity was among the brightest I had ever seen.  The gem was a picture of perfection and I ached to possess it.
I pressed my nose against the glass searching for hidden security measures but it wasn’t long before my interest started attracting the wrong kind of attention. A security guard walked over. I smiled.
“Beautiful isn’t it?” I said in an attempt at making polite conversation.
He sniffed and replied “Yeah, it’s a pretty trinket. But I wouldn’t want any part of it.  The thing disposes of anyone who wears it.”
Trinket!  I thought to myself, I was so agitated at his lack of appreciation for such a unique piece of art that it took a moment for the other things he said to sink in.
“Disposed of?” I said aloud, though I was speaking more to myself, than to the ignorant fool standing next to me.
He shrugged, “That’s right Miss. A series of mysterious accidents, the ladies get their tickets punched long before the train is due.”
Overlooking his uncouth idiom, I steadied myself before asking my final question “How long did they live?”
At this the guard smiled, exposing a small dimple and a row of gleaming white teeth.  “Less than a day dear, if I were you I wouldn’t try it.”

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