Monday, May 14, 2012

The Widow - 4 Lines Of Prose - DWP From 5-11-12

Stella De Marco just couldn't let go. She started every conversation with “When my Cosmo was alive ...”, “If Cosmo were here ...” and even “I remember when Cosmo and I...” Then misty eyed she would look off into the distance recalling a memory of her past. Cosmo has been her life and she had been his for 62 years. They spent every moment together as husband and wife and the best of friends.

Now he was gone and she was alone. When she woke each morning the right side of the king size bed they once shared remained untouched. At every meal she sat across from an unused place setting and every evening as she sat in her old recliner she’d find herself looking over at its empty twin. It was almost too much to bear.

The people who visited tried their best to ease her mind. They assured her that the emptiness would dissipate over time, but that was just something people said to make themselves feel better about death. Stella doubted they could understand how she was feeling; none of them has experienced life like she did. Defiantly, she resigned herself to a single thought. I will not let this stand! She couldn’t continue on like this, it was time to do something!

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