Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Missing - DWP From 4-29-12

Startled Sasha turned in the direction of the yell.

Someone was calling her name, calling out to her from across the court yard.

Sasha scanned the area catching sight of someone she thought she recognized.

Frozen in place, she watched as Janie rushed toward her.

Jaw dropping in disbelief, Sasha stood dumbfounded and unblinking.

As Janie neared Sasha’s mind wrestled with the vision.

At last her lips parted trying to form the words, to ask the questions that demanded answers.

Reaching her destination Janie stopped and looked into the contorted face of her old friend.
“Hi” Janie grabbed hold of Sasha taking her into a warm embrace.

“It’s been years, what are you doing here?”

The questions that poured from Janie’s lips seemed never ending.

“Where have you been?”

“Why did you disappear without telling anyone where you were going”

“Why haven’t you called to let us know you were okay?”

Janie continued on barely pausing to breathe, if she had she might have noticed Sasha never spoke a word.

Something was missing.

Sasha’s intense green eyes had a tale to tell all Janie had to do was shut up and listen.

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