Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Egg - DWP From 5-14-12

In the shade of a Banyan Tree sat Nathaniel Knox
He made a small campfire surrounded by rocks
Stuffing it chock full of leaves and some twigs
Before running into the woods in search of some pigs

But he found no meat for the fire on that wretched day
For he took the wrong path and was led quite astray
Then the ground gave way and he slid down a slope
Still falling Nathaniel had almost given up hope

His body was launched and flung off in the breeze
Badly battered and scratched by the branches of trees
But finally his aching body did come to rest
When it fell in the confines of a humungous nest

The egg it contained was quite a beautiful sight
He pushed and he pulled with all of his might
As he stole it away he never would have guessed
That the dragon inside would help on his quest

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I didn't your your egg prompt was also a poem one. Or was that your choice? In any case, very creative. As with all of your prompts, I'd love to hear a full story to go along with this.

    Very inspiring, keep up the good work!