Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Unexpected - DWP From 5-7-12

Instead of stepping across the threshold Milo looked to his right. I followed his gaze as it ventured to the door of the adjacent cottage and scaled the front of the building before finally reaching the attic window, my attic window.

I had meant to close the lacy curtains and retreat into the shadows, but curiosity had gotten the better of me. Now here I was mesmerized by Milo Macabre’s depth-less stare. A silent observer of a magical event I found myself wishing I had never witnessed.

I shuddered and a wry smile crept its way across his face. He looked almost jolly with his cheeks a cold blushing pink and his eyes twinkling in the reflection of the magic blue light. He never spoke, but mouthed the words, tomorrow 9:00 am. As he did I heard them resonating in my mind like an inescapable echo. Unconsciously I nodded once showing my understanding then Milo turned his attention back to the shop and disappeared into its dark interior.

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