Friday, May 11, 2012

The Woman I Was - DWP From 5-10-12

At seventeen she held her first child in her arms. She went on to college, worked and somehow still managed a meager social life. Free-time activities revolved around her daughter’s needs; there was time for little else. Five years later as a college graduate, she married, but now worked more hours. Her family unit changed from two to three persons and the focus of her life moved from her daughter to their new family.

Fast forward, four years later, with her divorce finalized, she and her daughter become part of a new family, “a brady-bunch family.” Her new husband had two children from a previous marriage and the following year they had twins, each suffering from a different form of Autism. For the past 12 years, everything she has done, she has accomplished with the goal of benefiting or the bettering her family or one of its seven members.

Now her oldest daughter is twenty one, and preparing for a life of her own. Her oldest son is eighteen and packing for college with the hopes of continuing on to medical school. Her thirteen year old step-son recently decided to move in with his biological mother. This leaves the eleven year old twins, as the only children remaining in her home.

This void gives way to free time and she often wonders who she was before she started living her life for her family. Trying to remember what she used to do before life got hurried and she started living day to day. You see I can’t tell you about the woman I used to be because she is as much of a mystery to me as she is to you. I never really got the opportunity to know her.

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